How a phone case can help you achieve better protection

How a phone case can help you achieve better protection

Phones are a necessity in today's world. They have become our way of staying connected with friends, family and coworkers. However, they also happen to be one of the most fragile pieces of technology on the market. This is because we put them in some pretty rough places - pockets full of change, purses that often get dropped or shoved into a crowded bag at work, being placed face down on hard surfaces when we're trying to watch something while cooking dinner... etc. We all want our phone cases to protect us from these unfortunate accidents but sometimes it takes more than just a case to do so. In order for your phone case to provide you with better protection against drops and spills there are certain things you should look for before purchasing one:

1. The case should be able to withstand a 6-foot drop

The case should be able to withstand a six foot drop. Many cases that have this claim can actually only protect your phone from drops up to five feet, which means if you accidentally drop it off the edge of a tall building or down the stairs at might end up with some serious damage. You want the highest protection possible so look for something like "tested against six foot falls" rather than just "resistant to impact".

2. A phone case should offer protection for the screen, camera lens, and buttons

The phone case should also be able to protect the camera lens and buttons. Some cases are so bulky that they take away from your ability to use certain functions on your phone like pressing volume controls or taking a picture with the rear facing camera. You want something just big enough to provide you with protection but not so large it interferes with using your device - look for things like an anti-slip surface, raised lips around all ports (to keep liquid out), thin edges in order to fit easily into pockets/purses and so on.

3. It's important that the case is not too bulky or heavy

A case that is too bulky or heavy can be very inconvenient. Imagine being out camping in the woods all day only to discover when you get back into civilization your phone doesn't charge because the battery drained while sitting there overnight? It happens more times than most people would like but having a lightweight, slim cover could help prevent such a scenario from occurring. Silicone covers are great options for this reason because they're usually super thin and not at all bulky so even if you have something big on top of them like an extended battery pack, they won't add any extra weight or bulkiness to your device.

TIP:  The P V R E Apple iPhone Silicone Case provides all around full protection while staying slim and light weight. This makes it a great option for anyone who's looking to keep their phone safe but still wants something easy enough to slip in and out of any pocket or purse! Shipping included!

4. The best cases are made out of silicone because it absorbs shocks well and doesn't scratch easily

- Plastic covers are another good option because they're quite durable as well - though not as much so as silicone cases, which absorb shocks very easily. Some people aren't concerned with shock absorption being one of the main benefits of a case so if that doesn't matter then plastic has its own perks like easier access to buttons/ports, lighter weight...etc!

All P V R E Phone Cases are made with flexible TPU that absorbs shocks better than most plastic covers, despite being lighter and thinner for maximum portability.

5. Silicone covers can also be found in various colors so you can customize your phone to match your style 

- You should also consider the look of a case when it comes to what material you prefer. Silicone cases can come in many different colors so if you want something unique then that's an option! They're usually very budget friendly as well which makes them perfect for anyone on a strict budget or adding multiple cases at once (like one per outfit - Black iPhone 12 Pro Max).

6. Plastic covers are another option - they're cheaper than silicone but don't provide as much shock absorption

Plastic covers are another decent choice because they're quite affordable but don't offer anything too special regarding color options besides maybe clear ones...and those aren't going to be nearly as durable/shock resistant so keep that in mind! Other than that, plastic is just another great option for anyone who's looking to save a few bucks or add multiple cases at once

You should consider a Silicone Case with full around protection. The silicone material is stretchy, durable and feels good in the hand. It offers great grip while also providing some shock absorption to your iPhone. This case will not only provide excellent coverage for your phone but it's easy on the eyes too! If you're looking for an affordable option that provides both style and protection, this might be just what you need.

Why don't we take a look at why customers are loving our P V R E cases? Let us know which of these features resonate most with you or if there was something else that caught your eye about our favorite protective cases!

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