How To Make Your iPhone Photos Better

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5 Top Tips for Making Your iPhone Photos, Better

We all want flawless complexions, sunsets with rich and luxurious hues and beach shots that capture that ice-blue water and white powder sand. But not all of us are photography experts, so how can you get your photos looking pro-shop quality with an average iPhone?

#1 Take Care Of Your Camera

Before you even begin to understand how 3rd party apps and a bit of ingenuity can change the quality and look of your photos, you have to remember to take care of your iPhone camera.  For this, you’ll need top quality and stylish iPhone cases.

#2  Use Your iPhone Camera Shortcut

You’re never going to capture that one moment that disappears as quickly as it arrives by first having to unlock your phone and then find your camera icon in between all of your other icons because you still have not organized your home screen.  So simply “swipe up” and you’re good to go.

#3  Target The Shooting Mode Around The Result You Want

This means that if you’re planning to shoot for Instagram, for example, then you should take the photos you want in the style they’re going to be published in, in Instagram. In this case, it would be square photos. But if you’re publishing on Facebook you could choose panoramic shots for example.

#4  Turn Your Flash Off

For the best looking, most candid photos, shoot in natural light scenarios whenever you can.  Although the quality of cell phone flashes has improved, it’s still just an LED light at the end of the day and not very strong, which can cause funny visuals.

#5  Make Sure That HDR Auto Is Turned On

This is a feature that comes standard with your iPhone.  It stands for “high dynamic range” and it lets you take photos that may have high light or colour contracts.  

It pays to give attention to the style of protective case your iPhone is in.  If your iPhone 12, Pro or Max case is made of shiny material, then you may get some reflective light back onto your photo.

Also, remember to pay attention to the rule of 3rds.

Your iPhone is an extension of you and while you’re out and about capturing the world around you, remember that protecting your phone is an investment in its overall functionality and lifespan.  So you want covers for your iPhone 12, iPhone Max or iPhone Pro that protects the phone and your camera? Well, you’re in luck as you can find dozens of designs for your iPhone case at ​​My Pure Shop. Not only will you have a great selection, My Pure Shop plants a tree in your name for every case you purchase, reducing the carbon footprint we leave for future generations. Who wouldn’t love that? Great pictures and preservation of our delicate ecosystem.

Some of the best advice to any budding photographer is always to shoot what inspires you.  If you’re a night owl and love the club scene, then that’s what you should be focusing your efforts on. Take tons of shots and play with different settings and 3rd party apps to find the style that works for you in those surroundings. The same advice goes for you if you prefer taking natural or landscape type shots, and above all else - have fun.

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