iPhone 12 Pro Max - Common Problems and Fixes

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Apple has clinched the top spot as far as luxury, and top quality smartphones are concerned. And the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is no exception. For example, the launch of the Apple iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry.

Check out these facts to back the claim:

There is no doubt Apple iPhone has won the hearts of many smartphone users. However, just like any other smartphone, the chances are high you will experience a few physical issues with the iPhone. Investing in a high quality iPhone 12 Pro Max case for your phone can’t be underestimated. This can save you time, money and frustration.

Read to learn some of the common physical problems you might experience with iPhone smartphones and how to fix them.


8 Physical Problems with iPhone Smartphones and How to Fix them

Any smartphone can develop several physical issues, and your iPhone 11, X or Pro Max are no exception. So, what are some of the issues that your iPhone will have?


  1. Broken Glass

Your iPhone can still work even with a cracked screen. Usually, when the glass breaks, it may not affect the digitizer that is underneath it. Thus, in most cases, the phone will typically work, responding to your touch.

Usually, you cannot replace the glass alone because the screen's digitizer is bonded onto it.

So, how do you fix a broken iPhone glass?

Whenever the broken glass affects the digitizer, the phone will not respond to any touch. In such cases, you are required to replace the entire system – the digitizer and the glass.

  1. Damaged Memory

Any iPhone comes with memory in solid form. This memory has a long lifespan, but a few aspects can make the memory fail prematurely. For instance, if your iPhone drops, bends, or is exposed to extreme temperatures and water or any other mechanical pressure, the chances are high that its memory will break. 

You are probably asking, is it possible to fix a damaged memory?

In some instances, when your iPhone 12 pro max's memory gets damaged, you can fix it by replacing the memory board. However, the success of the replacement process depends mainly on the degree of the damage.

Replacing the memory board isn't a cheap repair, so you get an iPhone 12 pro max case to protect your iPhone from such damages.

  1. Bendgate or Bent iPhone

You might have noticed that your iPhone developed a bend, especially after putting it in your pocket. This issue is attributed to the thin nature of the iPhone. Additionally, like other smartphones, the iPhone is made from glass and metal, which are lightweight and can easily bend.  

Most iPhones are lightweight because of the materials used to make these smartphones. Although the lightweight feature is a plus, it can also be a drawback, especially where your phone is subject to modest pressure daily. It could leave the device with a bendgate.

Always have a case for your iPhone to avoid such instances. Additionally, you can prevent the bent iPhone scenario by ensuring that you do not put your iPhone in your trouser pockets then crouch or bend down.

  1. Scratched iPhone Housing

Over the years, Apple has recorded significant improvements in its design and make of iPhones. However, this does not give you the leeway to use your phone without a case. If you continue using your iPhone without a case, you are subjecting it to significant tear and wear.  

Perhaps you have a scratched iPhone 12, and you are wondering whether it is possible to polish out the scratch. If the scratch is superficial – it is on a metallic component, polishing is possible. But, the process could lead to more damage to the phone's interior components.

If a scratch affects the screen, the recommended fix would be to replace the entire screen.

However, you can avoid all this trouble by getting an iPhone 12 case for your iPhone 12. Right now, we are offering a buy one get one 50% sale on our iPhone cases.

  1. Broken iPhone

Most smartphones are made from glass and metal. The implication is that if your iPhone drops, it will break. Whenever your iPhone drops, the probability is high that its cases get damaged, the glass back smashes, and the screen breaks.

The degree of the damage will depend mainly on where the phone drops and whether or not it had a strong case.

Fixing a broken iPhone will be dictated by the components affected when the phone dropped. For instance, a drop that damages the screen will require you to replace it immediately. Similarly, if the damage was on the case, you will need another one.

  1. Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperature can significantly harm your iPhone, leading to malfunction, play up, or even failure to work altogether. Usually, your car temperatures are the significant causes of iPhone malfunctions.

Even if you have a glove box for your iPhone, the car temperatures could damage the phone, especially if you keep it there for an extended period.

Extreme temperatures can cause damage to the iPhone that is hard to repair. Similarly, very low temperatures will have an adverse impact on your iPhone. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid leaving the phone in hot or low temperatures since both can damage the iPhone.

  1. iPhone Water Damage

If your phone gets into the water accidentally, it can get damaged beyond repair. However, with significant improvements in design and development, the latest releases of iPhones have the water-resistant capability.

If you have a water-resistant iPhone, it implies that you can submerge it in water and experience no long term damage. However, this does not give you the warranty to put your iPhone in any pool of water you come across. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of your investment.

  1. Components Premature Failure

There are cases when some of your iPhone;s components are electrical, and the boards may fail prematurely. Perhaps, you have noticed that the camera is not working as required. 

In most cases, dirt and dust inside the iPhone can cause premature failure or malfunctioning of most electronic components. Having an iPhone 11 case or cover is an excellent way of protecting your iPhone from external elements.


Final Thoughts

Having an iPhone, regardless of the make, is a significant investment that needs safeguarding. So, instead of waiting to fix a broken screen, replace a damaged memory board, or even buy a new phone because the previous one is completely damaged, why not protect it in the first place? iPhone cases go a long way to protect your phone. So, get the proper case for your iPhone today!

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