iPhone Guide: How to Keep Older iPhones Running Longer

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If you're still using an iPhone that is a few years old, it's time to take some steps. With the proper care and maintenance, your older iPhone can continue to function for many more years than if you don't take these steps. That means you'll be able to keep up with the latest trends in both technology and fashion without worrying about upgrading!

Apple phones are famous for:

  • Camera quality
  • Storage capacity and
  • Unique designs

Apple updates the iPhone's operating system every year. That means if you're still using an older generation of the phone, there are updates to features that you will lose on your device because it doesn't have a newer version of iOS installed. One significant recent change was in iOS 11 when Apple introduced ARkit - augmented reality for games and apps!


Get a Battery Replacement

One major thing that is going to affect your older iPhone's performance over time is the battery. The capacity of the battery, for one, decreases with age. And if you're using an older phone model, it may not even have been designed to be user-replaceable at all! 

Where To Get a Battery Replacement

If you need to get your battery replaced, it's best to go with an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Not only is this the safest bet for getting a quality replacement part and repair work done on your phone, but if there are any problems down the line with the new battery (or anything else), they'll be able to help out!

Protect Your Phone

One of the other best ways to make your phone last longer is by protecting it. This act includes covering up as much of your phone with a good iPhone case, screen protector, and not dropping it! There are many robust cases available for older iPhones that will protect them from drops while still allowing you to access all ports and features. 

There are many different cases for multiple phones; you can check out an iPhone XR case, iPhone 11 pro max case, and iPhone 11 cases in any Apple shop or visit My Pure shop for awesome and top-quality deals.

Create Storage Space

One thing to note when you're using an older model of iPhone is that the operating system itself will take up a lot more space on your device. This fact can be especially problematic if you have an earlier generation phone without much storage or one with 16GB instead of 64GB. One way to counteract this is by deleting unused apps and photos. You can also consider getting a cloud storage option for your photos.

Clean Your Charging Port

One other thing that will affect your older iPhone's performance over time is the charging port. Over time, the rubber gasket inside can wear down and no longer keep a reasonable charge in! Again, it would help if you used an old toothbrush or cleaning tool (such as those used on glasses) with some alcohol to scrub the port.

Get a Screen Replacement

If you've dropped your phone and broken the screen, it's time to get a new one! The final thing that will help your old iPhone keep going is getting a replacement for any broken parts. Remember to always be gentle when handling this device, not to damage anything else while replacing them.

Hopefully, this post's tips will help you prolong the life of your older iPhone and keep it running smoothly! Whether you're using an old-school model or one from more recent years (even up to the newest iPhones!), there are things that you can do to make your phone last much longer.

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