Why do iPhone Cases Protect iPhones?

Why do iPhone Cases Protect iPhones?

Carrying your iPhone without its case is the same as driving an automobile without bumpers. You wouldn’t want your new device to develop dents or cracks. The Allied Market Research projects that money spent on phone accessories will reach approximately USD107.3 billion by 2022, increasing from 2014’s 61 billion.

A reliable iphone case cushions your device when you drop it by absorbing the impact and preventing scratches. To acquire insight on how iphone cases protect phones, let’s first look into the science behind it and the types of cases available.

Types of iPhone Cases

The iPhone X, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 cases come in various shades, such as lavender, black, and ash blue, to suit your preference. They‘re square-edged and made from smooth silicone to tightly fit your phone.

How iPhone Cases Became Important-The Science

When your phone drops on any surface, the platform exerts an opposite and equal force on the phone. Too much pressure may shatter or dent the device, mainly if it drops without case protection. 

Cases have a design that distributes the impact force evenly across your phone. In addition, different iphone case materials (such as plastic, polycarbonate, silicone) absorb some of the pressure differently, reducing the amount of force exerted on your phone.

The iPhone 11 case, iPhone 12 Pro Max case and other iPhone cases are made of liquid silicone because it’s more eco-friendly. This material also remains stable in extreme environments without losing its shape by mitigating vibrations and shock. 

Furthermore, chemical resistance ensures your device remains safe when exposed to acids, bases, oils, or solvents. Here are reasons why phone cases are essential.

Scratches Are Boring

Most phone materials are either plastic or metal and ultra-tough glass. Even if you never drop your iPhone, it is in your purse or pocket most of the time and can consequently develop scratches.

Current top-line brands also offer fashionable cases for an aesthetic appeal. Expect the latest cover styles with any iPhone 11 Pro Max or iPhone XR cases that prevent hideous scratches.


You’ll need a quality phone case to increase the durability of your device. For example, our liquid silicone iPhone 11 Pro Max case is longer-lasting than any other iphone case material enhancing sustainability.

Also, the silicone rubber case has multiple coatings, including silicone and rigid layers, for enhanced shock absorption. These cases also offer water resistance and screen protection, which improves your device’s durability.

Anti-Slip and Tactility

You’ll have a better grip on your iPhone with a good iPhone case. Most of the latest iPhone smartphones have a gentle touch and may easily slip off. You may have to leverage the anti-slip traits of silicone iphone cases for an ergonomic grip. In addition, the flexibility and malleability of silicone phone cases provide a snug fit on your device.

iPhone Case Conclusion

Whether you have the latest or oldest iPhone Smartphone, you’ll find an assortment of iPhone cases in the market at affordable prices. You may also purchase a glut of them online and change your case occasionally. In addition, most manufacturers design collections and themes to draw in users giving your Smartphone an appealing new look.

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