Reforestation efforts at P V R E - Quarterly Update - Q2

Reforestation efforts at P V R E - Quarterly Update - Q2

As P V R E is a green investment business, it is part of our mission to help reforest the world. So,  we believe it’s important to bring you along for every step of the journey. Our quarterly reports are designed to share our progress while also giving our supporters a fleshed out understanding of how we are going about our work and finally the impact our work has had. Working against the backdrop of the global pandemic, we are even more proud of the hard work we’ve achieved in this quarter.

This quarter, we are proud to announce that we have planted 835 trees for a total of 0.42 hectares of area reforested. In one quarter, we doubled the amount of trees planted!

Here is a further breakdown of our reforestation efforts:

835 trees total planted

0.42 hecatres reforested

71 % Madagascar

Eden Projects 591 trees


22 % Tanzania

Usambara Biodiversity Conservation
187 trees


3 % Nepal

Eden Projects 22 trees


1 % Colombia

La Pedregoza8 trees


1 % India

Trees for Tribals 5 trees


1 % Kenya

Mount Kenya Trust 5 trees


< 1 %  France

Agroforestry Bourgogne 3 trees


< 1 % Thailand

Conserve Natural Forests 3 trees


< 1 % Kenya

Bore 3 trees


< 1 %


Trees for Slender Loris 3 trees


< 1 % India

Trees for Tigers 2 trees


< 1 %Brazil

Amazonia Rioterra 1 trees


< 1 % France

Restauration Forêts dégradées 1 trees


< 1 % Brazil

Sowing Water 1 trees

47 % Madagascar

Eden Projects 0.197 ha


41 % Tanzania

Usambara Biodiversity Conservation 0.170 ha


5 % Nepal

Eden Projects 0.022 ha


2 % Colombia

La Pedregoza 0.008 ha


1 % Kenya

Mount Kenya Trust 0.005 ha


1 % Kenya

Bore 0.004 ha


1 % France

Agroforestry Bourgogne 0.003 ha


< 1 % India

Trees for Tribals 0.002 ha


< 1 % India

Trees for Slender Loris 0.001 ha


< 1 % France

Restauration Forêts dégradées 0.001 ha


< 1 % Brazil

Amazonia Rioterra 0.001 ha


< 1 % India

Trees for Tigers 0.001 ha


< 1 % Brazil

Sowing Water 0.001 ha


< 1 % Thailand

Conserve Natural Forests 0.000 ha


Thanks to our combined efforts, we have been able to capture 114.77 tonnes of CO2, a small but important step in our fight against climate change.

In addition to highlights the direct contributions made, we also want to highlight the broader impact that reforestation efforts can have.

Our Most Planted Tree

In this edition of our quarterly report, we’d like to highlight the tree we’ve planted most. The black mangrove or Bruguiera Gymnorrhiza, is an evergreen mangrove that grows in places like East Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. It has been the tree of choice for badly hit mangrove areas that have suffered from heavy deforestation. Despite its small size, the tree is responsible for 40kg of C02 offsetting throughout its lifetime.

Facts About Trees

Here are some quickfire facts about trees and tree planting:

  • Our planet has over 80000 different types of edible plants!
  • The bark of a tree is directly related to the amount of sunlight it gets. The more sunlight there is, the thicker the bark.
  • Trees can actually communicate with each other via chemicals called phenolics.
  • The biggest oak trees can drop up to 10,000 acorns every year!


Spotlight: The Eden Projects, Nepal

In this section, we want to highlight some of the great work that conservationists are doing around the world. In this edition, want to focus on the work being done in Nepa with the Nepal Reforestation Project.

The project has been going on since 2015 and is responsible for the reforestation in this region. While many think of Nepal as a somewhat barren landmass in the shadow of the Himalayan mountains, it’s actually got a wide ecological population of plant and animal life. The efforts to reforest the area are aimed at both climate change and to provide a buffer to help protect the animal habitats in the region. Through the hard work of the project, 471,847 Trees have been funded of the 1,000,000 goal, a hugely impressive result that we are proud to have contributed 22 to. These efforts have compensated for 182,830 160 kg CO2.


In summary, this quarter has been one that we are extremely proud of. Through your support, we have made huge strides in our goal to save this planet and we hope to continue doing so throughout the coming months and years. Remember, our work is only possible with our customers: every time you buy a case, we plant a tree.

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